The Anand Kabra label is an eloquent blend of juxtapositions. It's a dialogue that embraces one's heritage but imagines it within modernism. It's a compelling contemporary aesthetic that is born from a mellifluous ethos. Melding maximal vibrancy with effortless elegance, the collections are a play of the sensual and the serene.


The label's raison d'etre is its ability to tell a story through vivid colours, brush stroked graphics or prints in bloom and exquisite embellishment. As it also does with its contrasting monastic composed counterparts. A strong thematic drives each collection where the accent is on instinct, emotion, intimacy and always unfailingly, femininity.



Anand Kabra graduated from the London College of Fashion in 1997. His label 'Anand Kabra' was launched in 2001. He made his debut at fashion week in India with his Spring Summer '07 collection in October 2006. He works and resides in Hyderabad, India.